I have a real fondness for adventure games from this era, but I have to agree that 7th Guest has aged poorly. The worst games from this time were like VHS movies that forcibly paused on you and didn't resume until you solved some unrelated, nonsensical puzzle. At the time I thought it was *cool* because all I saw was… » 7/15/14 4:20pm 7/15/14 4:20pm

This, like everything else you've written lately, is great. I liked the sly British-isms you dropped in - "buggered," "as if were," "pints" and so on. I'm buggered, as it were, and before I slip off for a pint, I'm going to recommend this blog: » 6/30/14 8:43pm 6/30/14 8:43pm

Mark Your Territory in the Friday Open Thread

Hello! Welcome to the always-recurring Friday open thread, where Lifehacker commenters can ask questions, share tips, or talk foolishly among themselves about anything, as long as one of those things isn't about how their niece earns $2500 a day working from home. » 6/27/14 9:15am 6/27/14 9:15am

I posted about this in one of the open threads from last week, but I'll do it once more here since more people are interested in this game. I gathered all the legal streams from ESPN and Univision for every game and put them on this schedule. » 6/22/14 6:15pm 6/22/14 6:15pm